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Introduction to RubiSight

What is RubiSight On the Rubiscape platform, RubiSight is a visual data storytelling dashboard with simple drag-and-drop functionality. Once the ML model is ready, it can be displayed on the dashboard in RubiSight. It is a cloud-powered visual data explor READ MORE

Widgets in RubiSight

In RubiSight, charts are referred to as widgets. They are available in the widgets pane. The available types of charts and their uses are explained in the sections given below. Widgets pane.pngFigure: Widgets Pane End-to-end Dashboard Creation Dashboards READ MORE

Getting Started

Rubiscape is an innovative data science platform that is a one-stop solution to all your data analysis and forecasting requirements. Whatever be the stage of your data analytical cycle, the Rubiscape platform surely has a product to fulfill your requireme READ MORE

Using Miscellaneous Features in Rubiscape

Views In Rubiscape, you can view the items in card view or list view in the display pane. The view is just a way of looking at the items from a different perspective. The functions are the same in both views. Changing to Card View When you log into Rubisc READ MORE

Working with Dashboards

What is a Dashboard A dashboard is a graphical user interface (GUI), displaying all the key performance indicators at a glance. In short, it is a progress report generated to gauge the performance of a process, business, and so on. In Rubiscape, a dashboa READ MORE

Working with Widgets

What is a Widget A widget is a RubiSight dashboard component that can be a chart, a graph, a map, a card, an image, or a table. Each of these widgets has a specific purpose and is used to enhance the visual appeal and the presentation of the data. These w READ MORE

Performing Miscellaneous Tasks

Along with formatting charts and axes, there are a few miscellaneous tasks that you can perform on your dashboard, as listed below. Update Name and Description of Dashboard Add Comments to Dashboard Use Annotations in Dashboard These tasks are explained i READ MORE

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