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Machine Learning Concepts

Advanced Entity Extraction Advanced entity extraction, also known as entity recognition, is used to extract vital information for natural language processing (NLP). It is widely used for finding, storing and sorting textual content into default categories READ MORE

rubiscape Concepts

Code Fusion Code fusion in rubiscape gives an ingenious option to the users to build their models in programming languages such as JAVA, R, or Python and integrate them into rubiscape. Code fusion makes the rubiscape platform more customizable and user-fr READ MORE

Statistical Concepts

Accuracy Accuracy (of classification) of a predictive model is the ratio of the total number of correct predictions made by the model to the total predictions made. Thus, Accuracy = (TP + TN) / (TP + TN + FP + FN) Where, TP, TN, FP, and FN indicate True P READ MORE

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