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Overview What Understanding the different types of datasets in Rubiscape and their creation process. When When you want to use data from different sources in your algorithm flows. Why To extract data from various sources and create datasets as per your re READ MORE


Rubiscape supports three types of files for dataset creation as listed below. Excel CSV Text You can use a file stored on your computer or from AWS storage network. The dataset creation for these types is explained in the sections below. Excel Rubiscape s READ MORE


Rubiscape supports the following types of RDBMS. PostgreSQL SQL MySQL Oracle ODBC Creating PostgreSQL Dataset To create a PostgreSQL dataset, follow the steps given below. On the home page, click Create icon (create icon_2.png). Product Selection page is READ MORE


Rubiscape provides you an option to create dataset using native APIs. API (Application Program Interface) provide functionality to connect to application / service external to your application to perform some tasks. In Rubiscape, you can use API to create READ MORE

Social Media

In Rubiscape, you can create datasets for data collected from various social media sources such as Twitter, RSS feeds, and Facebook. To create these datasets, Rubiscape uses the API provided by the respective social media. Twitter Rubiscape provides the f READ MORE


Functionality coming soon! READ MORE

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